Project - Dougou Extension



Previously known as Yangala, the targeted mineralisation is sylvinite. The Prospect occupies an area of approximately 10 by 15 km, immediately west of the Dougou Deposit. Similar to Kola, the area is defined by a broad zone of gentle disturbance of the evaporite rocks considered favorable for sylvinite formation. In 2012 and 2014 the Company drilled 2 holes, both intersecting a flat-lying layer of thickness 4 to 4.5 metres with a grade of between 57 and 60% KCl. Drilling of 4 additional holes in 2017 intersected Sylvinite of between 27 and 63% KCl over a range of thicknesses. An Exploration Target was defined at this Prospect in 2015 and will be updated following completion of a full interpretation of available drilling and seismic data and the inclusion of the extension to the prospect within the Company’s Sintoukola 2 Exploration Permit, granted in February 2018.

For greater detail readers should refer the announcement dated 11 September 2017 titled ‘Dougou Extension Prospect Sylvinite intersections up to 8.8 m thick within a zone of 8 by 5 km, open laterally´