Press Releases

Dougou Mining Licence (“Dougou ML”) granted for the next 25 years
Provides certainty of tenure and ability to accelerate project development
Dougou ML covers both Dougou and Dougou Extension areas
Press Releases
Kore Potash DFS Update 20/06/2017
Mining Convention 16/06/2017
MD AGM Address 31/05/2017
2017 AGM Results 31/05/2017
Expiry of Unlisted Options 30/05/2017
Employee Share Schemes 29/05/2017
Kore Potash Corporate Video & Project Animation 25/05/2017
Rothschild Announcement 22/05/2017
Dougou & Dougou Extension Mining Licence Granted 19/05/2017
US$5.0m Investment at Significant Premium 27/04/2017
Hartleys issues Research Report on Kore Potash 19/04/2017
Financial Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2016 31/03/2017
Kola Drilling Complete and Commencement of Drilling at Dougou 07/03/2017
World-Class Engineering and Construction Consortium to Deliver Kola Definitive Feasibility Study 27/02/2017
Drilling at Kola Intersects very High-Grade Seam of 58.9% KCl 23/01/2017
Commencement of Drilling Activities 23/11/2016
Completion of US$45m Strategic Investment 16/11/2016
Performance Rights 14 Nov 2016 14/11/2016
Announcement 11 Nov 2016 11/11/2016
General Meeting Results 20 October 2016 20/10/2016
Announcement of Extraordinary General Meeting 06/10/2016
Addendum to NoGM 20 October 2016 06/10/2016
NOM, Proxy Form & Explanatory Statement 22/09/2016
Binding Agreements signed with Strategic Investors 01/09/2016
Market Update 2 August 2016 02/08/2016
Annual General Meeting Results 04/07/2016
Chairman's Address - Annual General Meeting 04/07/2016
Notice of AGM Proxy Form and Explanatory Note 30/05/2016
Notice of Annual General Meeting June 2016 27/05/2016
Resignation and Appointment of Director 21/04/2016
Completion of Placement 31/03/2016
General Meeting Results 08/03/2016
Postponement of General Meeting 18/02/2016
Elemental Announces A$4,1M Private Placement 12/02/2016
Elemental Receives Non-Binding and Conditional EOI 12/02/2016
Notice of General Meeting Proxy Form 28/01/2016
Signing of Non-Binding Term Sheet 11/01/2016
Elemental Receives Non-Binding Proposal 26/11/2015
Managing Director Employment Agreement 26/11/2015
Appointment of New Chairman and Managing Director 23/11/2015
Multiple Thick Potash Seams Intersected at Dougou Drilling 10/11/2015
Non-Binding Term Sheet Signed 26/10/2015
Change of Registered Office Address 13/10/2015
Commencement of Fieldwork for Kola BFS and Dougou PFS 10/09/2015
Commencement of BFS for Kola and PFS for Dougou 12/08/2015
Raising and Update 10/07/2015
Results of Annual General Meeting 21/05/2015
AGM Presentation 21/05/2015
Lapsing of Options 20/05/2015
Resource Global Network Article 18/05/2015
Annual Report on Minerals Resources and Reserves 14/05/2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report 30/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 27/04/2015
Notice of Annual General Meeting May 2015 21/04/2015
Annual Report to shareholders 20/04/2015
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form 20/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 17/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 16/04/2015
Full Year Statutory Accounts 01/04/2015
Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4 31/03/2015
Appendix 3B 31/03/2015
Investor Presentation 19/03/2015
General Meeting Results 11/03/2015
S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly Review 06/03/2015
Change in substantial holding 25/02/2015
Excellent Scoping Study Results for the Dougou Project 17/02/2015
Lapsing of Options 17/02/2015
Large Mineral Resource Expansion and Upgrade for Dougou 09/02/2015
Notice of General Meeting - Proxy Form 09/02/2015
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form 09/02/2015
Change in substantial holding 03/02/2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report 30/01/2015
High Grade Sylvinite Hangingwall Seam at Yangala Prospect 27/01/2015
Investor Presentation, December 2014 09/12/2014
Fact Sheet December 2014 09/12/2014
Commencement of Scoping Study on the Dougou Deposit 10/11/2014
Appointment of New Chairman and Director 05/11/2014
September 2014 Quarterly Report 30/10/2014
Announces the Results of the Kola Phased Implementation Study 24/10/2014
Announces Exceptional Results from Dougou-Yangala Drilling 23/10/2014
October General Meeting Results 14/10/2014
Closure of non-renouncable rights 14/10/2014
Half Year Report June 2014 12/09/2014
Rights Issue Prospectus 12/09/2014
Fully Underwritten Non-Renouncable Rights Issue 09/09/2014
Review of Operations for the Quarter Ended 30 June 2014 20/08/2014
Cleansing Notice 22/07/2014
Appendix 3B 22/07/2014
Initial Director's Interest Notice 22/07/2014
Appointment of New Managing Director 17/07/2014
Announces Commencement of Dougou Drilling 15/07/2014
Elemental increases Sintoukola holding 14/07/2014