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Perth, Australia, 19 April 2017 – Kore Potash Limited (ASX: K2P) (‘Kore’ or the ‘Company’)
is pleased to advise that Hartleys Limited has issued a research report on the Company.
Press Releases
Hartleys issues Research Report on Kore Potash 19/04/2017
Financial Report for the Year Ended 31 December 2016 31/03/2017
Kola Drilling Complete and Commencement of Drilling at Dougou 07/03/2017
World-Class Engineering and Construction Consortium to Deliver Kola Definitive Feasibility Study 27/02/2017
Drilling at Kola Intersects very High-Grade Seam of 58.9% KCl 23/01/2017
Commencement of Drilling Activities 23/11/2016
Completion of US$45m Strategic Investment 16/11/2016
Performance Rights 14 Nov 2016 14/11/2016
Announcement 11 Nov 2016 11/11/2016
General Meeting Results 20 October 2016 20/10/2016
Announcement of Extraordinary General Meeting 06/10/2016
Addendum to NoGM 20 October 2016 06/10/2016
NOM, Proxy Form & Explanatory Statement 22/09/2016
Binding Agreements signed with Strategic Investors 01/09/2016
Market Update 2 August 2016 02/08/2016
Annual General Meeting Results 04/07/2016
Chairman's Address - Annual General Meeting 04/07/2016
Notice of AGM Proxy Form and Explanatory Note 30/05/2016
Notice of Annual General Meeting June 2016 27/05/2016
Resignation and Appointment of Director 21/04/2016
Completion of Placement 31/03/2016
General Meeting Results 08/03/2016
Postponement of General Meeting 18/02/2016
Elemental Announces A$4,1M Private Placement 12/02/2016
Elemental Receives Non-Binding and Conditional EOI 12/02/2016
Notice of General Meeting Proxy Form 28/01/2016
Signing of Non-Binding Term Sheet 11/01/2016
Elemental Receives Non-Binding Proposal 26/11/2015
Managing Director Employment Agreement 26/11/2015
Appointment of New Chairman and Managing Director 23/11/2015
Multiple Thick Potash Seams Intersected at Dougou Drilling 10/11/2015
Non-Binding Term Sheet Signed 26/10/2015
Change of Registered Office Address 13/10/2015
Commencement of Fieldwork for Kola BFS and Dougou PFS 10/09/2015
Commencement of BFS for Kola and PFS for Dougou 12/08/2015
Raising and Update 10/07/2015
Results of Annual General Meeting 21/05/2015
AGM Presentation 21/05/2015
Lapsing of Options 20/05/2015
Resource Global Network Article 18/05/2015
Annual Report on Minerals Resources and Reserves 14/05/2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report 30/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 27/04/2015
Notice of Annual General Meeting May 2015 21/04/2015
Annual Report to shareholders 20/04/2015
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form 20/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 17/04/2015
Change in substantial holding 16/04/2015
Full Year Statutory Accounts 01/04/2015
Change of Director's Interest Notice x 4 31/03/2015
Appendix 3B 31/03/2015
Investor Presentation 19/03/2015
General Meeting Results 11/03/2015
S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly Review 06/03/2015
Change in substantial holding 25/02/2015
Excellent Scoping Study Results for the Dougou Project 17/02/2015
Lapsing of Options 17/02/2015
Large Mineral Resource Expansion and Upgrade for Dougou 09/02/2015
Notice of General Meeting - Proxy Form 09/02/2015
Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form 09/02/2015
Change in substantial holding 03/02/2015
Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report 30/01/2015
High Grade Sylvinite Hangingwall Seam at Yangala Prospect 27/01/2015
Investor Presentation, December 2014 09/12/2014
Fact Sheet December 2014 09/12/2014
Commencement of Scoping Study on the Dougou Deposit 10/11/2014
Appointment of New Chairman and Director 05/11/2014
September 2014 Quarterly Report 30/10/2014
Announces the Results of the Kola Phased Implementation Study 24/10/2014
Announces Exceptional Results from Dougou-Yangala Drilling 23/10/2014
October General Meeting Results 14/10/2014
Closure of non-renouncable rights 14/10/2014
Half Year Report June 2014 12/09/2014
Rights Issue Prospectus 12/09/2014
Fully Underwritten Non-Renouncable Rights Issue 09/09/2014
Review of Operations for the Quarter Ended 30 June 2014 20/08/2014
Cleansing Notice 22/07/2014
Appendix 3B 22/07/2014
Initial Director's Interest Notice 22/07/2014
Appointment of New Managing Director 17/07/2014
Announces Commencement of Dougou Drilling 15/07/2014
Elemental increases Sintoukola holding 14/07/2014